Rome is among the top 5 most visited cities in Europe, and for good reason, this city possesses a unique charm and charisma unlike anywhere else in the world. From world superpower to iconic landmark, many people know of Rome’s impressive endeavors. However, not many know of the incredible excursions available at Rome’s doorstep. Rome is situated incredibly close to a huge amount of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations.

Previously when you thought of visiting Rome, you may have only thought of visiting the city, maybe seeing the Vatican, potentially visiting the Borghese if you knew of it. Now when you think of visiting Rome, you can think of Pompeii, Florence, Venice, Vineyards and more.

This post is a collection of our favorite day trips from Rome, each one offering full travel service to and from the city, escorted by our top quality guides all throughout your day.

1. Ostia Antica, Rome’s Atlantis

As one of Ancient Rome’s major port cites, Ostia Antica was once a bustling hotspot of activity. However, this beautiful city was abandoned long ago and more or less forgotten about over time. Nonetheless, this area is beautifully preserved and offers a fantastic depiction of Roman life in the 4th century. Ostia Antica is hugely similar to Pompeii in its preservation, but thankfully has no active volcano lurking menacingly in the distance. This lesser known day trip from Rome is a beautiful alternative to Pompeii and something to tell your friends back home about!

While walking along the streets of this old port, you will see the striking mosaics of a 2nd century bathing complex, an amphitheatre, and what was possibly the hottest nightspot in town “Thermopolium”. Thermopolium, a cafe so well preserved that it seems the owners might just walk back in and hand you a menu.

2. A beautiful disaster, Pompeii

Preserved under 20 ft of volcanic ash, Pompeii is unlike anywhere you have been before. You are immediately transported back to 79AD as your very own archaeologist brings you along the paved streets.

You’ll see the preserved remains of people and animals who weren’t able to get away from the volcano’s storm in time. You’ll see evidence of the lives lead in this once-thriving port town. Restaurants, schools, theaters and even some below the belt establishments kept the Romans busy, and you can explore them all.

3. Eat Drink and Escape it all in Tuscany

Rome and the Vatican are two Iconic symbols of Italy. However, the rolling hills, gentle scenery and setting sun of Tuscany are never out of mind when contemplating this beautiful country.

Why not consider visiting this magical landscape, protected by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage Site, it has been almost completely untouched for hundreds of years. Whether you choose to revisit the renaissance in Florence or explore some vineyards in Montalcino, there’s no doubt that adding a Tuscan excursion from Rome is a winning idea.

4. Leave your heart in Venice

This Floating City was once a maritime republic of its own and its imperial nature is still very prominent to experience as you sail through.

The Grand Canal is, of course, the canal most seen in photographs and film footage of Venice, but there’s also a whole matrix of canals that stretch far beyond this main artery. These are fascinating to explore (and, coincidentally often much more relaxing). As you venture away from the Grand Canal, Venice slowly reveals herself. You will be introduced to extraordinary sites like; Rialto Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs and St. Mark’s Basilica.

Rome excursion to Venice will introduce you to all of the above and so much more. You will witness St. Marks Basilica, Marco Polo's house, “The Lion of Venice” and many of Venice’s other artistic endeavors. The Garden islands of the lagoon produce food that’ll amaze you and is plentiful in supply. All of this bathed in a light that reflects from the water, this city is a class act.

5. Explore Rome’s Countryside

If Rome’s pull is too strong and you want to stay near the Eternal City, think about exploring the Roman Countryside.

In true Roman fashion, you’ll encounter history, picturesque landscapes and food/wine that’s beyond all expectations.

One of our favorite countryside escapes near Rome is Frascati. Not only is Frascati known for its thrilling wines, but this elegant town is nice and condensed which makes exploring it a breeze.

Our tour of Frascati includes wine tasting, snacks, local vineyards and air-conditioned coaches to transport you in comfort.

We feel like we’ve been crossing Italy’s beautiful countryside after writing this post. While Rome is filled to the brim with spectacular buildings, relics, museums, piazzas, landmarks, art, sculpture, the list is endless. It’s important to remember that even more treasures lie further afield. The Eternal City is the perfect place to base yourself, see Rome and experience all you didn’t know was possible.