Crypts and Catacombs of Naples

Crypts and Catacombs of Naples

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Tour Highlights

  • Explore the incredible catacombs of San Gaudioso and San Gennaro
  • Watch the religious history of Naples come to life
  • See the very first Christian representations and the tombs of noble figures
  • Hear dramatic stories and anecdotes from your expert accompanying guide
  • Small groups of 20 people or less


Visit two incredibly well-preserved underground catacombs in Naples, San Gaudioso and San Gennaro. In a fascinating journey through religion, superstition, art and architecture, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the unique style of these two subterranean cities carved into the rock and admire their impressive frescos and decorations dating back to 2,000 years ago.

Tour Description

San Gennaro Catacomb

Explore two incredible catacombs in Naples that are still relatively off the beaten track: San Gaudioso and San Gennaro. Go below and beyond to a time when Christianity was considered a cult, whose members were executed as heretics and buried as martyrs. Your expert guide will recount the stories and anecdotes that bring these ruins to life.

Begin your tour in the ancient San Gennaro catacomb, this space was once used as a burial ground for Naples by the first Christian communities nearly 2,000 years ago. The chambers are more spacious than their counterparts in Rome and house hundreds of tombs, from modest singles to extravagant family tombs.

The Rhone Shanita

While walking through the humming streets of the Rione Sanità accompanied by your expert guide, envision how one of the most densely populated areas in Naples was once so removed from the city center it was used as a place of burial. This area was considered pristine because of the presence of the saints, whose bodies were buried in the catacombs, such as San Gennaro, the beloved patron of the city. You’ll hear stories of devotion, superstition, and theft, as the relics of the saints were so precious that thieves were attracted to these subterranean cities.

Under the Church of Santa Maria Della Sanità

Next, it’s onto the church of Santa Maria della Sanità, where you will go underground to the San Gaudioso catacombs. See the first Christian representations decorated with mysterious symbols and the early Byzantine mosaics. Admire the bizarre tombs of nobles, where skulls where placed on display in the walls and the rest of the body was painted in frescoes, with clothes and details about their status and life.

With your local guide, you will explore these extensive tunnels lined with tombs carved right out of the rock, and hear their fascinating history. By joining this captivating Naples tour, you support the continuous restoration of the sites, and the local community, that is directly involved in the ambitious project to preserve the history of these unique places.

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What's Included

  • Expert, local English-speaking tour guide
  • Small groups of 20 people or less
  • Entrance ticket to the catacombs of San Gennaro and San Gaudioso 

Sites Visited

  • S.Gennaro Catacombs (inside)
  • S.Gaudioso Catacombs (inside)
  • S. Maria della Sanità Church and Crypt (inside)
  • Historical Palaces of the district
  • Piazza Cavour


  • How far in advance should I book my tour?

    Our tours are very popular amongst visitors to Italy, Paris and London, so we suggest booking your place on them at your earliest convenience. If you are not ready to book yet and have some questions, we would be happy to help over the phone, via email and Live Chat. It is our mission to ensure that you get the most out of your visit!

  • Do I need to bring my confirmation voucher with me?

    It is not necessary to bring your voucher. We do recommend bringing the voucher with you as it contains helpful maps and directions to the meeting point. You can present this to your guide on the day of your tour either on a mobile device, or print it out.

  • How will I recognize the guide?

    Our City Wonders coordinators will be wearing blue polo shirts or jackets at the meeting point for easy recognition and holding a sign with the tour name.

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