Gourmet Wine Tasting and Food Pairing Class
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Gourmet Wine Tasting and Food Pairing Class

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Tour Highlights

  • Rome wine tours including six glasses of famous Italian wines
  • Local delicacies specially chosen to match the wines
  • Expert sommelier to guide your experience
  • Private tasting room
  • Small groups of only 20 people or fewer


We bring Italy‘s culinary delights to you in a special wine tasting room. While you savor delicious regional foods and wines, an expert sommelier will explain their place in Italian history and culture.

Tour Description

Take a wine and culinary tour of Italy without ever leaving Rome. Our gourmet Rome food and wine tours introduce you to the best of the country's wine regions with an expert sommelier as your tour guide. You’ll sample the most popular and most prized Italian grape varieties and enjoy carefully selected local delicacies paired to each wine.

Our tour takes place in the specially designed, private tasting library of a famous local Roman restaurant and wine store. Surrounded by rows of books, olive oils, vinegars, and wines, you’ll sit at a table with a small group of up to 20 people. In this beautiful, intimate space, your sommelier will be easy to hear and happy to answer all of your questions.

Our tasting menu of the day may change from time to time; our sommelier is always looking for something new. Our sampling will usually include wines like the famous Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, a Rosso di Montalcino, and a Barolo. As you sip your wines, your sommelier will help you define their flavors and explain the science behind wine - such as how different flavors affect different tasting centers of the tongue. He’ll disclose a few trade secrets. Did you know that famous doesn’t always mean good nor does good always mean famous in the wine world? Last but not least, he’ll give you tips on finding Italian wines to suit your palate.

Our Rome food and wine tours are about indulging the senses, and our gourmet tasting experience isn’t limited to wines. Our sommelier has paired a series of regional delicacies, so if you’re drinking wine from Tuscany you’ll sample local specialties like Pecorino sheep's cheese and salami. You'll even try real Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and pesto to see for yourselves what these famous foods are really supposed to taste like. You’ll also enjoy virgin olive oils as well as crostini and bruschetta.

Whether you’re an intrepid novice or a serious wine enthusiast, you’ll enjoy this sophisticated but informal food and wine adventure that takes you around Italy…without having to leave Rome.

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What's included

  • Expert, English-speaking sommelier
  • Small groups of 20 people or fewer
  • Food: a selection of seasonal Italian specialties, such as buffalo mozzarella, salami, cheeses, and a selection of crostini (schiacciata with pesto, crostino toscano, bruschetta with rocket and pistacchio pesto)
  • Beverages: 6 samples of wine

Sites Visited

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