Traveling through Italy is like visiting a whole range of different countries at the one time. From skiing in the Italian Alps to lazing in sun on the Amalfi Coast, drinking local wines in Tuscany to traveling by gondola in Venice. No matter where you go in Italy you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do and sights to see. And who better to share this breathtaking country with than the love of your life, or course! From walking tours of Rome to gondola rides in Venice, here’s our guide to the six most romantic things to do in Italy.

1. Lock in Your Love on the Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio is Florence’s oldest and most visited bridge. Spanning the River Arno, the Ponte Vecchio serves as both a bridge and a popular shopping district. Built in the Middle Ages, this outstanding architectural wonder is world-famous due to the charming row of stores that have populated the bridge since the very beginning. Today, this bridge is home to some of Florence’s most reputable art dealerships, leather stores and jewelers. But that’s not all this bridge is famous for. For decades, this ancient bridge has been bejeweled with thousands of padlocks of love, a custom that began during the Great War, when soldiers would leave the locks as a promise to return to their loves at home. Today, romantics lock their padlock of love to the bridge and throw away the key in a gesture of locking in their love forever. Yes, it’s a little cheesy but its origins are super sweet. Whether you plan on locking in your love or would rather peruse the bridge’s charming shops, don’t miss out on visiting the Ponte Vecchio during your tour of Florence.

2. Toss a Coin in the Trevi

Visiting the enchanting Trevi Fountain on a couple’s vacation to Rome is a must. Embrace your inner Lizzie Mc Guire as you make a wish together at one of Rome’s most iconic sights. Legend has it that that if you toss in one coin, you’ll be sure to return to Rome, toss in two coins for guaranteed romance and toss in three coins to marry the subject of this romance. Cliché we know, but who doesn’t love love? To learn more about this monumental fountain, its origins and myths, be sure to join a walking tour of Rome, where a local, expert guide will immerse you in the history of this stunning water feature.

3. Toast Your Love with Tuscany’s Finest

Lush green hills, barrel-upon-barrel of world-class fines and some of the finest food in all of Italy, Tuscany really is a slice of heaven on earth. With day trips to Tuscany from Rome and Florence you’ll be able to fit in a tour of Tuscany, no matter how short your trip to Italy is. With round-trip transportation, a mouth-watering 3-course lunch of local produce and wines and a tour of some of Tuscany’s most charming villages, a fully guided day trip to Tuscany is the most hassle-free way to explore this UNESCO-protected region. Without the stress of planning your journey or mapping out the best sights to see, you can spend the day showering your other half with attention. If that doesn’t scream romance, we don’t know what does!

4. Enjoy a Bellini at Harry’s Bar, Venice

The much-loved sweet and refreshing Bellini cocktail was invented in Venice, in Harry’s Bar to be exact. The bar’s owner, Giuseppe Cipriani, was inspired to create the cocktail as a result of his love for paintings by Giovanni Bellini. White peaches are abundant in Italy in spring, and Cipriani wanted to showcase their sweet fragrance and blush pink interior in a drink. Combining peach puree and a splash of Prosecco, a Bellini is the perfect accessory to while away the day with on a romantic tour of Venice.

5. Indulge Your Sweet Tooth in the Birthplace of Milk Chocolate

From cocktails to chocolate, Italy really has it all! Milan might be the capital of fashion but another one of life’s riches was created not too far away. In the Swiss town of Lugano, just a few minutes past the Italian border, the milk chocolate that we know and love today was invented. Back in 1875, two neighbors, a Swiss confectioner and the inventor of condensed milk, began experimenting with cacao beans and sugar. One day they combined these beans and sugar with condensed milk to create a velvety smooth, solid milk chocolate bar. And thus, the Swiss chocolate industry was born. If you’re crazy for chocolate, and let’s be honest – who isn’t, then take a fully-guided day trip to Lake Como from Milan stopping in the home of chocolate along the way. Get your hands on some of the finest chocolate in the world as you explore two countries in one day! Because nothing really says ‘I Love You’ like a box of luxury chocolates.

6. Take a Gondola Ride Along Venice’s Canals

Another romantic favorite, and a bucket list essential for many couples traveling to Venice, is a gondola ride through the city’s canals. What can be more romantic than a gondolier gently navigating you and your other half down the aptly named Grand Canal? Along this main stretch of water, you'll pass opera houses, palaces and churches. You'll also explore the smaller canals away from the bustling city center, making this the ideal way to see the hidden side of Venice and share some quality time together as you sightsee. While taking a gondola ride is a must when in Venice, it’s good to be prepared. Long lines often form at the gondola ride stops throughout the city and a gondola ride can be a little more expensive than what you expected. It’s always best to book your gondola ride in advance as part of a sightseeing tour of the city to secure availability and best prices.