Express Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, and Vatican Crypt Tour
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Express Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, and Vatican Crypt Tour

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Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy the benefits of our Exclusive Partner’s Early Access Sistine Chapel & Vatican Museums tickets combined with Skip the Line Access to St. Peter’s Basilica & the Pope’s crypts
  • Focus on the unmissable highlights of the Vatican for a memorable Vatican experience in just 2 hours
  • Get Early Access to the Sistine Chapel 30 minutes before other tour groups and a full 1 hour and 30 minutes before the general public
  • Visit the tombs of the most important Popes in a special crypt beneath St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Audio headsets so you can always hear your guide
  • Expert, English-speaking guide


As 1 of only 3 Official Vatican Museums Tour Operator Partners, we take you to the Sistine Chapel a full 1 hour and 30 minutes before it is open top the public. Explore St. Peter‘s Basilica without the crowds and go to the Vatican Crypt, where many popes are buried, for a unique experience of the Holy See.

Tour Description

If you don’t have much time to spend in Rome or want to focus on the highlights of the Vatican, our First Entry Sistine Chapel Tour with St. Peter’s Basilica & Vatican Crypt offers an exclusive opportunity to see the top three sites - in just two hours. Without sacrificing explorations and insights!

Skip The Line…

Our First Entry to the Sistine Chapel gives you time to explore on your own before other tour groups and the general public crowds arrive. Our Skip the Line Access takes you directly into St. Peter’s Basilica, saving you even more time, before you descend into the Vatican Crypt…a site not included on regular Vatican tours.

Meeting outside the Vatican Museums before they have officially opened, you’ll enter 30 minutes before of any other tour group and a full hour and 30 minutes before the general public. Being the first to enter the Sistine Chapel ensures that you won’t have to compete with the crowds that fill the room during regular opening hours. You’ll have time to contemplate the beauty of the chapel in peace and quiet.

Your expert, English-speaking guide will lead you directly to the Sistine Chapel, explaining what to look for in Michelangelo’s world-famous frescoes, from his daring self-portrait in ‘The Last Judgment’ to the iconic ‘The Creation of Adam’ painted on the ceiling.

The Private Door

Next, we’ll take you through a special door – not available to the general public – that opens directly to St. Peter’s Basilica. This Skip the Line Access helps you avoid another long line – often stretching for hours - outside the walls of the Vatican. Along the way, your guide will describe the highlights of St. Peter’s Basilica, the most important church in the world, sharing stories that will make this unique site come alive.

Upon entering St. Peter’s Basilica, you’ll be stunned by its extraordinary size and beauty. You’ll admire Michelangelo’s emotion-inspiring sculpture ‘La Pietà’ as well as Bernini’s extraordinary altar, a huge structure of twisted bronze recycled from the Pantheon.

Ancient Burials

Below the Basilica is the Vatican Crypt. This is where the most important Popes in Church history, including Pope John Paul II, have been buried. Access to the Vatican Crypt is not usually granted to group tours, so take advantage of this special opportunity.

Last but not least, your guide will lead you back outside to St. Peter’s Square, where you’ll admire the work of one of Rome’s greatest architects and artists - Bernini.

With an expert, English-speaking guide leading the way, First Entry at the Vatican Museums (we pass through them on our way to the Sistine Chapel), and Skip the Line Access at St. Peter’s Basilica, you’ll see all the highlights of the Vatican City in just two hours. Our tours provide more than just facts; our expert, English-speaking guides share the stories and details that bring the sites to life.

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What's Included

  • Access to the Vatican Museums 30 minutes before other tour operators and 1 hour and 30 minutes before the general public
  • Expert, English-speaking tour guide
  • Skip the line to St Peter Basilica
  • Visit to the Crypts beneath the Basilica

Sites Visited

  • Vatican Museums
  • Sistine Chapel
  • St. Peter's Basilica
  • Vatican Crypt

Important Notes

St. Peter's Basilica and other religious sites are subject to occasional closures for religious ceremonies. When this occurs, we will provide guests with an extended tour of the Vatican Museums, or appropriate alternative. In these cases we are unable to provide refunds or discounts. Appropriate dress is required for entry into some sites on this tour. Knees, shoulders and backs must be covered.

Due to increased security measures at many attractions some lines may form on tours with 'Skip the Line' or 'No Wait' access.


  • I am taking a Vatican Tour that includes Saint Peter’s Basilica, will we go up the dome?

    It is possible to climb the Dome on your own if you wish, however you will need to purchase a ticket directly on site.  Our tours do not include a visit to the Dome. Please note that if you intend to climb the Dome after your tour ends, you should make sure to book a morning tour (not on a Wednesday) as the Dome access is already closed in the afternoon before our afternoon tours reach Saint Peter’s Basilica, and the Basilica is often closed on Wednesday mornings.

  • Where does the tour meet?

    The tours meet at a location very close and convenient to the entrance of the Vatican Museums. Full details of the exact location are included on the confirmation voucher you will receive when you book your tour.

  • At the end of the tour, will I be able to explore the Vatican Museums on my own?

    No. With our tickets, it is not possible to re-enter the Vatican once you leave as the Vatican tickets are single entry only.

Express Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, and Vatican Crypt Tour Reviews

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