Cultural Immersion

Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere Food Tour with Dinner

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Mon to Sat
17:00, 17:15, 17:30

  • Navigate the culinary landscape of the Jewish Ghetto, Tiber Island, and Trastevere with a local foodie guide.
  • Indulge in 9 delicious bites of local Roman street food and drinks, of course including the famous Spritz.
  • Dine in style within the historic walls of an ancient villa in Trastevere, completing your tasting experience with handmade pasta, traditional meats, and local wines.
  • Elevate your meal with a surprise main course, adding an extra layer of excitement to your dining experience.

Tour Description

What's Included

  • 9 Authentic Food and Drink Tastings
  • Local Foodie Guide for Expert Insight
  • Semi-Private Tour limited to 12 guests
  • Full Meal in Trastevere
  • Gratuities

Sites Visited

  • Jewish Ghetto
  • Tiber Island
  • Trastevere
  • Santa Maria in Trastevere
  • Ripa Grande (Inside)

Discover the authentic flavors of Rome in a 3-hour gastronomic adventure through the Roman Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere. Avoid the crowded tourist spots and join our intimate small-group tour, where delectable experiences take center stage. Led by a local guide with a passion for Roman cuisine, delve into the city's culinary gems, uncovering hidden secrets and beloved local establishments.

Commence your culinary exploration in the historic Jewish Ghetto, meandering through its storied streets, sampling delectable street food on Tiber Island, and crossing into the lively Trastevere district. Sip on the iconic Spritz, an essential Roman indulgence, while absorbing insights into the rich culinary history of Rome. This is more than just a typical walking tour; it's a delightful journey through the diverse gastronomic landscape of the city.

Indulge your taste buds with Roman delicacies, from savory cheeses and cured meats to mouthwatering bruschetta. Savor Aperol or Campari Spritz, immersing yourself in the authentic flavors of local street food in Rome.

The highlight of the experience awaits in the ancient villa of Ripa Grande in Trastevere. Delight in a hearty dinner where handcrafted pasta, succulent meats, and local wines take the spotlight. Amidst the rustic elegance and twinkling lights of the courtyard, be enchanted by the beauty of Trastevere.

This journey is not just about food; it's a profound exploration of Rome's soul through its culinary expressions. With a cozy group of 12, relish the intimate atmosphere, the stories behind each dish, and the shared laughter over delicious bites and sips. More than a mere tour, it's a taste-filled expedition that will satiate your cravings and deepen your appreciation for Italian cuisine.




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